Three weeks in, and I’m just getting the time to update the site!  I have been incredibly busy with training in regards to my volunteer placement.  The good thing is that I have been taking notes.  My thoughts just need to be organized. I have three weeks of notes that need to be organized.  Ok, here goes – 2nd day of travel (July 3rd).

Due to all the delays, I started off the day by waking up at 3am feelng delirious.  I ended up staying at a best western.  Which was actually one of the nicer ‘best western’ hotels that I have expeienced.  There was a westin in the airport.  When announced, I initially thought I would be staying at the westin.  One can hope.

Another flight delay in the morning!  After multiple flight delays regarding mechanics of the plane, you beging to have doubts if this flight would actually be ‘safe’.  Anyway, like herded sheep when it is time to board the plane – I board it.

While on the plane going to Nagoya, I realize that I have lost my travel money – the last time I saw it was at the security checkpoint.  It made it out of my pocket, just not back in.  Really upset about this.  I decide to take the easy way out and decide to blame the flight delay rather than my carelessness.

My seatmate on the plane works with digital signage as part of his career.  I rarely meet anyone with experience in Digital signage,much less code their own platform!  He is a 1st gen pinoy.  Aside from all the nerdy tech talk, we discussed our thoughts regarding the communications gap between 1st gen and 2nd gen Filipinos.  He shared that while growing up, he was required to connect with the poverty stricken because of requirements in school.  Imagine having to reach out to someone that is struggling day by day to survive.  For reference, the poverty stricken in the US is NOT like the poverty stricken in the Philippines.  When the minimum earned income is 250 pesos, or just over 6 dollars a day.  For the average family, handouts are difficult, and even then in many cases will only be the equivalent of a few pennies.  Service related work is inexpensive, but the cost for goods is still comparable to the price of goods in the United States.

On another note, while overall the flight could have been much better.  I liked how the plane had two options for charging usb devices at my seat.  I also watched two movies.  The first was ‘Wrath of the Titans’ which was fairly cliche for this style of movie – half naked P90X products .  ‘Wrath of the Titans’ was entertaining at best.  I also saw a movie called ‘The Apparition’.  ‘The Apparition’ was a horrible movie.  Watch ‘Cabin in the Woods’ instead.  Also fly with Korean Air.

~That Guy that pays for dinner with nothing but change

Don’t quit.  If you fall on your face while moving forward, you are still moving forward.  Pick yourself up and carry on.